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You can achieve a selfie-ready smile with Corinium Dental!

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Do you want a more desirable smile? Professional teeth whitening at Corinium Dental is a safe, convenient, and effective way to reveal a dazzling white smile.

A bright smile is very possible with Corinium Dental. Dr. Moon and our top-notch team provide easy and reasonably priced professional teeth whitening services to create confident smiles. Schedule a consultation today to learn how Corinium Dental can brighten your smile with Venus whitening.

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

We all grow up and start with a bright white smile.

However, over time, our teeth can become stained. Staining affects the surface of your teeth (called extrinsic stains) as well as inside of your teeth (called intrinsic stains). Here are usually the reasons why teeth become yellow or stained:

  • Dark-colored beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine)
  • Certain fruits and vegetables (berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, beets)
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Aging

If you are looking to improve and brighten your smikle, schedule a consultation with our team today. Our dentist will help you decide if our teeth whitening treatment is right for your smile!

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Our Teeth whitening treatment uses peroxide-based bleaching agents to eliminate stains from the surface of your teeth (called the enamel). I am sure you are probably thinking, well, I could probably get the same results with a home-based teeth whitening kit. Most home teeth whitening kits do not have the level of peroxides that are used in a dental office setting.

At Corinium Dental, Dr. Moon offers professional teeth whitening with the Venus treatment system. Venus provides for a brighter, whiter smile after just the first treatment. It contains potassium nitrate, which reduces teeth sensitivity that brought on by teeth bleaching, making for a more comfortable experience with less irritation.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Our team uses the Venus treatment system to lower gum irritation and tooth sensitivity side effects. We take every protocol serious to make your treatment experience as pleasant as possible. Be sure to discuss your questions and concerns with Dr. Moon during your appointment.

What is the cost of teeth whitening ?

The total cost of your teeth whitening treatment will depend on the result that you want and the condition of your teeth. Our office will provide our patients with transparent and reasonable pricing before any procedures. At Corinium Dental, we push to provide excellent teeth whitening at fair and reasonable prices.

Do You Take Walk-ins?

Yes, we do accept walk-ins. Our team welcomes new and returning patients to visit us for all their dental care requirements. For your convenience, we also offer same-day emergency appointments as scheduling permits. Be sure to take advantage of our weekend and evening availability.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer reasonable financing through in-house payment plans as well as CareCredit.

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At Corinium Dental, we are dedicated to providing honest prices, transparent results, and superior service to all our patients. Teeth whitening is the fastest, most effective way to brighten your smile. We invite you to visit or give us a call at (847) 352-5410 today.

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